GST Return Forms

SNoForm NoAvailable ForDescription
1FORM GSTR-1For TaxpayerDetails of outward supplies of goods or services
2FORM GSTR-2AFor TaxpayerDetails of auto-drafted supplies
3FORM GSTR-3BFor TaxpayerMonthly Return
4FORM GSTR-4For Taxpayer(Earlier Quarterly) Return for composition taxpayers upto FY 2018-19.
5FORM GSTR-4AFor TaxpayerDetails of auto-drafted supplies for view.
6FORM GSTR-5For TaxpayerReturn for non-resident taxable person
7FORM GSTR-5AFor TaxpayerDetails of supplies of Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval Services(OIDAR) by a person located outside India made to non-taxable persons in IndiOnline Information and Database Access or Retrieval ServiceOnline Information and Database Acce
8FORM GSTR-6For ISDReturn for Input Service Distributor
9FORM GSTR-6AFor ISDDetails of auto-drafted supplies for view.
10FORM GSTR-7For TaxpayerReturn for tax deducted at source (TDS)
11FORM GSTR 7Afor TaxpayerTax deduction at source certificate
12FORM GSTR – 8For TaxpayerStatement for tax collection at source (TCS)
13FORM GSTR – 9For TaxpayerAnnual return
14FORM GSTR – 9AFor TaxpayerAnnual return (For Composition Taxpayer)
15FORM GSTR-9CFor TaxpayerPART – A – Reconciliation Statement Part B – Certificate
16FORM GSTR-10For TaxpayerFinal Return
17FORM GSTR-11For UIN holdersStatement of inward supplies by persons having Unique Identity Number (UIN)