Intellectual Property Rights

IPR is an acronym that hardly needs to be expanded nowadays. Everyone, who matters in scientific circles, geographical indications, inventions, trademarks, is talking about intellectual property rights. The importance of protecting scientific inventions, trade marks, artistic works and literary works, with commercial potential, in a tight maze of patents, copyright and trade marks. In any discussion on collaborative agreements between different institutions, public and private, the first question asked is: ‘Has our IPR been protected’. We assist you to protect your IPR from any infringement of these rights.

WTO is an organization which also protects intellectual property rights by way of trade related intellectual property rights (TRIPS) agreement which came into effect from January 1st 1995. The TRIPS Agreement is a minimum standards agreement, which allows Members countries to provide more extensive protection of intellectual property right. The obligations under the Agreement will apply equally to all Member countries, but developing countries will have a longer period to phase them in.

We offer following services related to Intellectual Property Right and its cognate matters:

  • Registering Trade Marks, Copyrights and patents.
  • Assignment, Licensing, Transfer of Trade marks and Copyrights.
  • Representation before statutory authority for infringement etc.
  • Drafting agreements such as Assignment agreement, exclusive/non exclusive license agreement, technology transfer agreement, franchisee agreement, software development agreement etc.
  • Anti- piracy/ counterfeit measures.